Anthrazite Fläche mit der Aufschrift "Denken wir Quartier neu. Leitbilder HORIZN BER CITY"
Anthrazite Fläche mit der Aufschrift "Denken wir Quartier neu. Leitbilder HORIZN BER CITY"
Visual Hello HORIZN © FOREAL® GbR / Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

“We aspire to develop HORIZN BER CITY as a future-oriented city quarter that is not only economically but also ecologically and socially sustainable.”

Ilona Koch, Director of Commercial & Real Estate Management, Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

The guiding vision of a future city quarter

With HORIZN BER CITY, an ecosystem is arising directly next to BER where work, leisure, and well-being meld in a neighbourhood that will attract new kinds of hybrid usages in new, sustainable forms of construction. HORIZN BER CITY will constitute the very heart of BER CITY and also functions as the blueprint for further developments in and around the airport. With the development of HORIZN BER CITY, the airport operating company seeks to find new answers to the question of how neighbourhoods can succeed in flourishing long-term in the future. Our guiding principles structure our vision of a future district in which innovation is construed holistically and sustainably, and serve as inspiration, motivation, and guidance along the forthcoming path taken by the project.



Space for tomorrow’s technologies

From prototyping and AI or the development of future mobility through to blockchain and quantum technologies – HORIZN BER CITY provides the ideal seedbed and tremendous site potential for the tech and airport-related growth sectors of tomorrow.


Tomorrow’s workspaces

Agile use scenarios, the perfect fusion of work, play & learn, not to mention indoor and outdoor workspaces – HORIZN BER CITY offers a multi-dimensional urban space for new working worlds that caters to the needs of future users.


Urban neighbourhood

Enjoyment and inspiration, culture and edutainment, relaxation and fitness – HORIZN BER CITY will be a quarter defined by surprising mixes. With hospitality galore, retailing, hotels, and leisure-time services, HORIZN BER CITY will deliver the right urban mix for a vibrant neighbourhood.



Climate-friendly quarter

Sustainable mobility and architecture as well as a high proportion of outdoor spaces, well-designed circular systems, and regenerative energy supplies – HORIZN BER CITY is prioritizing a climate-friendly infrastructure and seeks to ensure net zero operations throughout the neighbourhood.


Healthy green urban space

HORIZN BER CITY will nurture a healthy micro-climate for the good of its users: high-grade architecture that fosters a strong identity for the neighbourhood and climate-friendly building concepts in symbiosis with extensive greenery and landscaped parkland.


International innovation hub at BER

Directly embedded in BER, the economic powerhouse in the Berlin-Brandenburg region, HORIZN BER CITY is positioning itself as the heart of the growing airport region. With the future district, an international innovation centre and a dynamic growth space will evolve.

Key facts at a glance


  • Total area: 24 hectares
  • Gross floor area above the ground: 555,000 m²
  • Certification: DGNB/GSBC Platinum pre-certified for the south section of HORIZN BER CITY


Part 1

  • Gross site area: 13,130 m²
  • Gross floor area above the ground: 49,000 m²
  • Launch of concept tender process: Autumn 2023

Versatility combined with excellence

Schriftzug HORIZN BER CITY ist eine Quartiersentwicklung des BER
Schriftzug HORIZN BER CITY ist eine Quartiersentwicklung des BER